about meeeeeee

About me


Hi! I'm Liminish (Or LiminalLoser)

I'm a 16 year old demigirl who is currently hyperfixating on Psychonauts! (How could you have guessed???)

I'll make buttons that do open up menus or something later but here's some old fashioned lists 4 now

Videogames I love to an unhealthy degree:

Other stuff I like:

  • Doctor who! (modern reboot, still gotta get around to watching classic...) i cosplay as 11 sometimes and i met freema agyeman!! shes so sweet!!!!
  • Puss n boobs 2 the last wish..... and the first one too
  • scrapbooking yahhhh + all other art ever esp digital
  • sculpting/making monsters, puppets, dragons, anything like that
  • did i mention psychonauts
  • Birds, fish, reptiles, literally any weird little creatures. SNAILS! my apple snail gillion tidestrider just laid eggs im so proud of him everyone congratulate him

Favorite objects:

  • my small blahaj
  • Cool old letters frmo 1950 i bought at a stamp collector thing, ill upload pics later
  • Metal beetle my partner gave me that looks neat
  • My scuffed headphones that barely work but i love them.